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The Centroid of Texas

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Some people may not know what a centoid is; others will not know where the centroid is in Texas:

The centroid is when you take a, e.g., cardboard representation of a state, or other irregularly shaped surface area, and balance it on the tip of a pencil.  A circle, for example, has its centroid as "the center," which is obvious enough. With Texas, it isn't quite so easy, but it's easy enough.

The centroid of Texas is about 15 miles NE of Brady. Here's Brady on a map:

Screenshot 2019-01-10 at 01.49.39.png

For our purposes, the centroid doesn't take into account things such as elevation; for other purposes, it does - it's merely the "centroid" of a theoretical two-dimensional object. So in case you're wondering how far you are from the center of the state. If there are any islands, those would be included as well.

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