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If Donald Trump Died Tonight ...  

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  1. 1. If Donald Trump Died Tonight, Quickly, and without any Pain, from a Sudden Stroke ...

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This will remain here until Trump is out of office, and when I say "out of office," I mean when Joe Biden is sworn in and Donald Trump permanently retreats away from all affiliation with the United States Federal Government. At that point, this thread will be archived in the History Forum, and the community will return to being completely non-political. Donald Trump is a horrible exception because he represents a threat to the United States, and is the most dangerous person in world history since Adolf Hitler. 

I do not care if you're "liberal" or "conservative," and I mean I couldn't care less. Trump was a one-time exception who has tried to commandeer the nation for his own personal gain, and to eradicate the great institutions of our country to serve his whims and destructive goals.

If you disagree with that, I'm sorry that you're so dimwitted, uneducated, or wealthy-and-selfish: You're one of those three descriptors, and quite frankly, even though we're reverting back to our apolitical position (i.e., no personal insults, no religion, and no politics), the current members of what was once proudly called the Republican Party must be remembered as something that's one step away from the Nazis - maybe you didn't help to commit genocide, but you're still complicit in felonious treason against this nation, and justice must and will be served. 

I love this country, and am proud that I stood up to this destructive government, and will continue to do so as long as is necessary.

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