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Sundae in the Park

China Red, dim sum and Cantonese seafood in Arcadia

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Great dim sum! I'm not sure if you can order dim sum all day, every day (all food is ordered off the picture/word menu; no carts) but dim sum are an integral part of the menu and it's open every day in the morning so it looks promising. The place is newish, clean, and very busy, with English-speaking, efficient team service. We tried a bunch of noodle rolls, har gow, XLB, chicken buns, pan-fried pork buns, deep-fried minced pork buns, and everything was solid-great, appropriately crunchy, slippery, fluffy, juicy, chewy, etc.  Dishes are priced by flat rate ($ listed on the front page of the menu) as small, medium, large, or as marked.  It's loud and bustling so safe to take kids, and the dishes come out quickly even when the dining room is full.  They have the same ticket system as Din Tai Fung, where your list of orders is placed on your table and each is marked off as they come.  It's a stand-alone restaurant with parking and takes credit cards, so easy to get in and out without any fuss.  While none of the individual dishes we tried were life-changing, each was properly prepared, tasty, and pretty, and overall we had an excellent and stress-free dim sum experience. 

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