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The Cheese Monster (website), by Alice Bergen Phillips, is a cool company.  She is currently making cheese displays, teaching classes, and creating cheese pairings for others. 


She did an event for 20 people in my home last night that was just so much fun.  We had a seated cheese tasting and wine pairing for the Junior Friends.  She picked 5 cheese and we bought the wine to pair with the cheese.  She can either pick cheese for certain wines you want to have, or she can come up with a whole tasting, whatever you like.  she also mentioned she does a lot of beer and cheese pairings, which would be cool!!!  I have attached a picture of our menu.  We then had a social after where we ate her delicious and beautiful cheese board.  I think it is a social event we might have to have again.  I learned so much about cheese that I didn't know before.  It was an exciting event and something just a little bit more special than the typical social event and really fun for our members. I realize some people on this board know a lot about cheese, much more than me, it was fun to gain a little knowledge, and delicious.  Thanks Alice!  Wishing you lots of success on your brick and mortar coming to DC!





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I made beef meatballs that were ground beef, spinach and artichoke dip and some dry spices, a tortellini pasta salad with pesto and grilled vegetables, banana chocolate chip muffins (I tripled the recipe and used dark chocolate powder), and I had some cookies.  Social chair brought ham rolls and a veggie tray.  Almost all the meatballs and ham rolls were gone, I only had three muffins left, there is some pasta salad left that will become a dinner!  So it was pretty successful!

Also, we didn't do a cheese tray for 20, I am not sure how many people had RSVP'd when we put in our order, maybe 15.  We had a lot of last minute add ons, but it all ended up working out.

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