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My Mom and I wanted to try out the new market house in Annapolis, as one of the owners lives down the street from her, and I was interested to see it's latest iteration.  I felt like it was a more modern markethouse, similar to what you would see in other areas now.  I know people lament the downfall of the old market house, but it is just never going to go back to that.  I thought the areas were nice- there was a grab and go sandwich, salad, grain bowl, etc area, a bakery and coffee area, an ice cream place, a small market, and then a bar area with a seafood menu.  Mom got a seafood salad from the bar area which was very tasty- fresh veggies and smokey, grilled seafood with a nice vinaigrette on top.  I had a salmon grain bowl with beets and goat cheese, which was also good.  They offered to warm it up for me, and I think it would have actually been better cold as more salad like, but it was still good.  Mom's salad was better though.  We both got glasses of wine, and it was a nice place to sit for a while and just hang out.  I believe a farmer's market will be starting around it again when it warms up.  Anyway, I would think in the summer it will be a good place to grab some lunch and take across the street to the docks.

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