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James Beard Awards 2019


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On 4/15/2005 at 3:25 AM, DonRocks said:

Haidar Karoum is one of the most underrated chefs in Washington – it isn’t so much that he’s underrated, he’s not rated – and he should be. Highly.

Haidar is a semifinalist for the Mid-Atlantic James Beard Award this year.

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8 hours ago, jca76 said:

apparently jaleo is a finalist for the "outstanding restaurant" beard award, which strikes me as . . . a publicity coup for the brand?  an appreciative nod for jose andres's humanitarian efforts?  i like jaleo well enough, and i realize that this award turns into a bit of a process of elimination as truly great restaurants are weeded out by winning (or great new restaurants wait to hit the ten-year mark), but come on.

On more credible notes ... 

and ...

Damned happy to say I sort-of discovered them both on a national level.

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15 minutes ago, MarkS said:

Hard to believe Cindy Wolf at Charleston has been a runner up 8 times.  There just aren't that many better cooks then her.

The Beard awards are largely driven by media, politics, and cronyism. Refer to ... pretty much everything else in the world.

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