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Weird Brothers Coffee - Independent Coffee House with Beans Fresh-Roasted Daily in Reston

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Oddly enough I guess I never added this place to DR's - if you are at the WooBoi Chicken place Weird Brothers is to the left if facing Dunkin' Donuts or coffee or whatever they are calling it now.  

Weird Brothers is small, only a few tables to sit at, but the coffee is great.  If you want something a lot more small-town than most of the coffee shops it is a great place.  They roast their coffee in plain site, and the brother who runs the place (the other is deceased) is there quite a bit.  The staff friendly, and they have an assortment of pastries and sandwiches they stock from local shops.   They have a NitroBrew tap as well.

For the small size, the staff is pretty efficient, so if you encounter a line, it usually moves quickly. 

NOTE: they also sell 1lb & 5lb bags of beans or ground coffee - I buy beans and go through a lot of coffee on a weekly basis.  Embrace the Dark Side is their espresso bean, and strong.  The nice thing is since they roast daily, the stuff is about as fresh as you will get.

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5 hours ago, Kev29 said:

I work down the road and this is one of the best strip mall/industrial parks in the country. Prove me wrong! 🙂

You are not wrong! 

Weird Brothers, 100 Bowls of Soups, Aslin Beer and Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant. And now Wooboi. 

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