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Cedar Knoll Catering Report

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My non-profit has now had Cedar Knoll cater multiple events for us (two events for two years) one is a breakfast, and one was an evening event needing appetizers.  I am not sure how widely they do catering, we are in Alexandria, so it may make it easier.  But I know they have nice event space, too. 

We have thought they have had really tasty items- for the breakfast they had delicious homemade english muffin breakfast sandwiches, which were perfect as it needed to be a little grab and go. Delicious ham biscuits (we really like those).  And an assortment of other breakfast items.   

We have had an assortment of appetizers over the last two years for an event- sweet potato ham biscuit (well they were such a big hit the first time), pork and ginger wontons, chicken fricasse puff, wrapped asparagus, cheese platter, cured salmon on pumpernickel bites, lamb sausage, olive and pepper jelly on cracker, etc, etc.  I have to say everyone has really liked the food both years for both events.  I thought the food was very good, not too stuffy, something most people would like and try.  They have been really nice to work with, the chef has come to oversee set up for the events and make sure everything was correct, and is just super nice.

So anyway, as they have their restaurant, I am not sure how widely they do catering, but based on how good this was, I would definitely consider them for holding an event at Cedar Knoll, as well.

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