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20 hours ago, FranklinDubya said:

Kinship recently switched to Tock from OT

I made a reservation using Tock.com a couple of days ago. Just before completing the reservation, Tock presented you with various "upgrade" options - I paid $80 to have a half-bottle of Champagne waiting at the table before the guests arrived (this is money that gets paid to Tock, apparently). Interestingly, when presented with the restaurant check, the check was for the entire cost (including the Champagne), and then I was shown a separate bill without the Champagne, which was the one I signed, i.e., it was equal to the first bill minus $80 - this was almost surely for the purposes of adding a tip for the Champagne service. (There's nothing wrong with this; I just found it interesting, as I'd never experienced such a thing before.)

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