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Catch on the Ave - Chef Eric Reid's Seafood and Craft Cocktails on Mount Vernon Avenue, Del Ray - Closed

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I swear I made a previous thread for Catch on the Ave, but I can't find it.  We have gone twice now- once with BIL and SIL, and once with my Mom.  I can't remember what we all had the first time we went, but we liked it enough to go back!  I remember they had good cocktails.  On the last visit, Hubby had fish tacos.  They had soft shells, and I asked if I could have them on a sandwich.  They had run a special earlier that week with a pimento cheese/ softshell sandwich, so I go that.  This would have been better with less pimento cheese, to be honest, I love soft shells and should have protested more and seen if I could have just gotten a more plain sandwich.  I expect this sandwich was because a lot of people find soft shells a little more creepy than I do.  It was fine, it was just perhaps a little over-decadent and you lost the crab flavor.  Mom had the lobster salad which she said was really good.  This is a nice little neighborhood spot with above average food for Del Ray.  We like the ability to get something a little fancier or a little more causal for dinner, and they have a nice beverage list, and you can generally get in.

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Thank you so much for coming in! You are correct about the pimento cheese. Some people get geeked out about softies, so I added the cheese to familiarize guests. Whenever I have them in please feel free to ask about a sandwich the way you would like it. I’ve got no problem making that happen. 


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