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2019 FIFA Women's World Cup: Host Nation France June 7 - July 7


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2 hours ago, Tweaked said:

Highlight package as USA beats an over matched and outplayed Thailand.

A couple of tasty match ups today (6/12):

Germany v. Spain at noon

France v. Norway at 3pm

On Thursday (6/13) one of the bigger games in the opening rounds as Australia takes on Brazil at noon.


Watched the replay till I got tired of watching goals.  That was the A team playing the C team.  A lot of goals.

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34 minutes ago, DanielK said:

Yesterday, the US Women's Soccer team scored 13 goals against Thailand in their opening match at the World Cup.

In the last four World Cup tournaments, the US Men's team has scored a COMBINED total of 12 goals.

That's been the stat of the game!

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The Round of 16 is set:

Germany v. Nigeria June 22 11:30am (Eastern)

Norway v. Australia June 22 3:00pm

England v. Cameroon June 23 11:30am

France v. Brazil June 23 3:00pm (could be the match of the round)

Spain v. USA June 24 Noon

Sweden v. Canada June 24 3:00pm

Italy v. China June 25 noon

Netherlands v. Japan June 25 3:00pm

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While virtually only watching the US women, (with a smattering of seeing other teams play) this was a terrific tournament.  The women play with skill and power.  Their command of the team game is incredibly impressive.  Their individual skills are formidable.  (watch the Rose Lavelle goal)   

Alternatively watch this Alex Morgan goal

The Lavelle goal was one of many many plays of remarkable skill.  I do believe in the face of improved competition this team was the best of those I've seen with excellent skills across all players.  Bravo to the players and their coach.   E.Q.U.A.L.    P.A.Y.

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World Cup:  Winners in 1991, 1999, 2015, 2019 (there have been 8 Women's World Cups, the US has won 4)

Olympic Games:  Gold medal winners in 1996, 2004, 2008, 2012 (The Olympics have staged 6 women's tournaments, the US has won gold 4 times)


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There was a table of little girls near us while we were watching the end of the game on Sunday.  The comments they made warmed your heart.  Things like, "these are the real heroes," "Mommy if I play soccer enough can I do that?" "she got two trophies!"  It was fun to hear them, I really hope they get equal pay.

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