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Falafel Inc - Fast-Casual Falafel House with Locations in Georgetown and The Wharf

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We took a group of college kids to the new Spy Museum via the Alexandria water-taxi to the Wharf.  After the spy museum we walked down to the Wharf for dinner.  We had a vegetarian in our group, and all the group agreed that Falafel Inc sounded good.  It is fast casual, with a little machine that pops out falafels to order.  The drink options seemed a little limited.  You could get a sandwich (in a pita), or a bowl (salad), with add-ons like hummus, zataar fries, tabouli, etc.  I think there was a small confusion on what a bowl and sandwich were for the group when we first walked in.  It seems like they could just say pita or salad.  There are no tables inside, but outside there were high tops and tables you could stand/sit at to eat. They have sauces you can add after you get your sandwich- those have names, but the names don't really correspond to what it is- I would prefer if they just said like cilantro sauce, mild spicy, spicy, etc.  I figured the bright orange was a hot sauce of sorts and got that, I was right and I quite liked it.  Anyway, the naming could be better, but the sandwich really was pretty decent with the sauce.  Fries were good, not quite as good as those from Lebanese Taverna Market, enough for at least two to share. I can't remember if the sauce descriptions were on the hanging menu, they were likely on the printed one, if there was a sign right above the sauces that would help.  But also having one that says it can't be described is a bit trite.  Anyway, good for a not too expensive grab and go at the Wharf with a vegetarian.  

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