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85°C Bakery Cafe - Local Taiwanese Coffee-Bakery Chain Based in the San Gabriel Valley

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On 4/30/2014 at 11:55 PM, goodeats said:

85C Bakery. (Chain--tried the Hacienda Heights location) A LOT of people love it here--it is sort of like the Starbucks equivalent in popularity, but for Taiwanese breads and boba drinks. I know I am supposed to like it, and I came here because my searches pointed out that this is a newer location, so it was bigger and cleaner. But, I was disappointed. I felt that the bread varieties offered were too fusion for me, so I lean more toward the traditional ones offered at JJ Bakery. I think I will give this place another try, if I get to go back again. I will say that the coffee bread (coffee flavored, that is) was not bad. The dough was nicely risen, slightly fluffy, with a good chew and flavor.

Agree with above.  It's been super popular in the SGV and beyond and they continue to build stores in the states (dozens of shops in CA urban areas, one coming soon in Portland, OR, big presence in TX) so thought I'd give it its own thread.  Although they have some typical Chinese bakery options, mostly the sweeter breads and pastries (no meat buns, curry puffs, etc.), I wouldn't call them a Chinese or Taiwanese bakery, per se, as they have quite a few Euro-centric bready options.  I've been to 3-4 stores and they are usually quite large, brightly lit, with lots of seating, inviting (young!) people to stay and sip/chew/chat.  Their website offers lots of modern accouterments, like an app, a rewards program, nutrition facts, newsletter...It's a nice place to stop if you know what to expect.

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