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I didn't see a thread on this restaurant.


This is a sister restaurant to Lincoln.  I can't for the life of me remember what this was before, was it a Jos A Banks???

We went for the bottomless brunch for a friend's birthday.  I generally dislike bottomless brunches as (1) too much food, (2) not very good food and (3) not enough vegetable choices.  It was better than many bottomless brunches I have been drug through for some occasion or another.  I will say the menu is a bit misleading as it says all dishes are included in the bottomless brunch, but actually bacon and sausage are still a la carte (why??? I have no idea.).  We had bloody marys and mimosas.  The Good: biscuits, benedict was good, croquettes, kale salad, char sui chicken, chicken and waffle, collard pizza.  Fine, not good or bad: pimento slider, pork belly hash, deviled eggs, beet toast (could have been good if it had more beats, white beans pureed and spread), watermelon salad.  Bad: scrambled eggs with summer vegetables- the only vegetable was corn, and this just tasted odd, I assumed it would be like squash and zucchini, corn is a starch not a vegetable, biscuits and gravy- had a sweet taste to them, fish tacos- really fishy, peach pancakes- just pancakes topped with too much butter and a peach puree with a few peaches not well composed and could have used syrup but there was no where to put this, peach cobbler- not a cobbler pound cake with the same peaches and peach puree.

Service was very nice.  They also had am omlette and waffle station that I didn't eat from, but things looked fine from those stations.  If I had to do a bottomless brunch, this isn't a bad one.  But it also just isn't my thing.  

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