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LaoMa Spicy, in the 99 Ranch Market Complex, Odendhal Avenue in Gaithersburg

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LaoMa SPicy
110 Odendhal Ave
Ste 108
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

99 Ranch Market was a staple in my life in LA. But, I have not been in in one since moving to the DC area in 1999.  I found out about one here in Gaithersburg from the board and I put it on my list of things to check out.  So this week, in preparation for our last duck dinner, I decided to go there an see what was on offer.  Looking for a place for lunch before, LaoMa spicy popped up sand is located inside 99 Ranch so off I went.

This is a food court stand with two refrigerated stations, one for veggies and the other for meat.  I ordered a meat lovers and was watching as the cook started to assemble the raw ingredients.  They had duck blood and gizzards on the meat side so I asked him if I got those in my bowl and he looked surprised at my interest in the 'odd' stuff.  He said yes (Unfortunately ,there was none in the bowl I got)  The cashier to led me to take a seat and she would bring it over.  

What I got was a metal bowl with a pretty huge portion of stir fried meats and veggies swimming on a spicy soup broth.  I later realized that I could have added noodles which I probably will do next time.  The meats included 4 large meatballs, a bunch of tripe, lots of shreds of pork and more, with the veggies leaning to green onion, nappa cabbage.  There was a smattering of glass noodles.  All were tasty and not overcooked. It definitely skewed meaty. But the star of the show was the broth. Brilliant red from chilies and chile paste, this was a very hot soup indeed, richly flavored from simmering the ingredients in it after they were quickly stir fried.  I picked up the bowl in the end to slurp down every drop and my mouth burned for a good while after.  

Looking at the online menu, I see that they have a bowl for two where you pick 8 veggies and 6 meats for $25.99 and a few other dishes.  Dumplings as well.  

I was too full to try anything else from the food stands: the BBQ looked good, the dimsum servicable and he cooked dishes not so good.  Just wish it wasn't so far away. It is part of a chain based in New York City and associated with a chain in China.  

99 Ranch has incredible produce and seafood but it is not as large as Super H in Fairfax City.  Well worth the trip especially if you toss in a meal at LaoMa

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Reading this post reminded me that I haven't indulged lately.  The dry pot here is really good and I also really enjoy the soups.  As Dean described, the broth is really spicy but very flavorful.  It is also hot from a temperature standpoint, so beware!

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