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So Korean BBQ Centerville from the Kogiya folks

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5728 Pickwick Road 
Centreville, VA 20121
Phone: 571.446.4950

TL/DR: their AYCE BBQ is better than almost any BBQ ala carte I have had. Spectacular banchan & steamed egg, super beer list for KBBQ, very friendly service; atmosphere lacks as the place is huge; no KPop TV

This place is by the people of Kogiya. I am not a fan of Kogiya and in fact my last experiences ehre were unpleasant.  The quality of the meats was poor; they did not serve brisket when they said they did; the service was terrible.  My first trip to So was just the result of a google search for KBBQ near me and I happened to be somewhere out there {vaguely waves hand southwest} and had no idea of where the heck Centreville was {but then again, I had no idea where I was} I stopped and had the all you can eat for lunch and was blown away bu the banchan and definitely impressed by the meats and service.  I have been back several times for all you can eat and the lunch special: $12.99 for a soup or stew {I choose mul naeng myun} an a meat {I choose galbi for +$2.00}

When you enter, they either take you to a seat where there is already a layout of banchan or they ask you to wait as they spread out the banchan.  This way, you are amazed at the selection. Usually 10 banchan plus sauces and a plate of shredded cabbage with a sesame dressing.   Not only are the banchan among the best of any Korean restaurant in Annandale etc,they offer a wider variety as well.  There is always kimchee, radish and thin slices of marinated daikon; usually a meat, most often a bony bit of pork in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce; potato salad and then they spin off into a wonderful set of seasonal specials. One time they had some sort of glass noodle & dried fish, seaweed salads delicious enough to be a dish I would order.  The fried Mandoo are of the good and greasy variety having been deep fried. The steamed egg is one of the best steamed eggs I have ever had and their soy bean & tofu soup is pretty good.  

On the all you can eat, there is an a course and a b course one of which adds several forms of intestine and some seafood and a meat or two.  The caliber of the cooking is top notch {much better than at Kogiya} and the meats are better than any AYCE KBBQ and better than the ala carte meats at Meojka Meojka} Their galbi is as good as I have had in the DC area and my only better memories are from live charcoal BBQ in LA {Soot Bul Jee[ which is still there on 6th Avenue in the original LA KTown.  Of all the AYCE choices, the only one I am not a fan of is the Dduk Galbi which is a chopped patty of meat with a galbi marinade mixed in.  The Bulgogi is superb, the Sam Kup Sal in its variations excelent.  On the intestines I've only ordered the abomaesum and they cook it till it's crispy, just like I love.  

They offer prime, pork and beef tastig menus with more select cut. Th ebeef offers Skirt steak, rib eye steak and galbi in addition to brisket {spectacular} and two kinds of bulgogi.  The pork is more pedestrain only offering the Jowl as something not on the AYCE. The Prime has three kinds of galbi {pork, marinated and unmarinated} as well as duck, shrimp {surprisingly good as most Korean BBQ Shrimp are boring as hell} and the rib eye steak. One time three burly guys next to me ordered the prime and for 2 and I could have had a nice light meal on what they could not finish!  The tasting menus are $62 and $84 for two.  This sis on my to do list at SO.  

The drink list has the usual makkoli, soju and korean beers {hite, cass} and then adds in some lesser known Korean selections and a decent selection of locals and some not quite locals like Clown Shoe.  I think they also have flavored drinks but I am not sure.  

The service is friendly and efficient.  The dining room is huge with three or four rows of large concrete tables each with two grills.  So parties of 8 are no problem but you will share a table if you are 1 or 2.  The capacity has got to be 200-300 people and I have never seen it more than half full.  I hope they are doing well enough to pay their monthly nut which has to be less than if it were in Annandale but still they have a lot of real estate.   



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