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Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena

Sundae in the Park

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What an excellent children's museum! We really enjoyed our first visit there, but, having been, there are a few insider's tricks to enhance the visit:

  • there is a ton of outdoor space so loads of sunscreen is a must
  • bring swim/wet gear, as the outdoor ponds/stream are best enjoyed with water shoes and the ability to dry off (towels, change of clothes, etc.)
  • if you plan to use the baby/small toddler room, parents must also wear socks to enter/chase your kid
  • it is located in a large park, so if your kids haven't had enough fun, you can picnic, frolic in the fields, and play on the equipment before/after the museum
  • you can bring your own food!!
  • there is a LOT to do, particularly if you kid likes to play in water. You should be able to spend as long as your kid can tolerate away from home, because there really is something for everyone (that is, kids under 10 or so) to do

Our kids most liked the water play area and the outdoor physics-based stations. We didn't really spend much time in the nature center or climbing areas (they are really good!), which really surprised me about our usually monkey-like children. Absolutely recommend if you're in the area with younger children.

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