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Cane, Caribbean Street Food from Brother and Sister Team Chef Peter Prime and Jeanine Prime, 4th and H Street NE

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As a fan of Spark, I was eager to try out Peter Prime's new restaurant, Cane.  The fact that Cane was named as a Bib Gourmand joint by Michelin made the inaugural visit even more exciting.

But our experience was not good.  The space itself is tiny and cramped.  The bathroom and the bar (where we sat) had water everywhere (something was probably leaking).  The service was harried (at 5:30 p.m. on Friday).  The Doubles looked completely different from the ones I had at Spark (the fried bread wasn't crisp) but we enjoyed the chickpeas.  The Pholourie were just fritters without much flavor.  The Grilled Oxtails were my favorite of the night - I saw lots of those going out of the kitchen.  We also had the Pepper Pot - labeled as OXTAIL, BRISKET, BEEF TENDON STEW.  The oxtail had been cooked so long it fell off the bone (and became indistinguishable from brisket), the stew was probably over-reduced, and I found no tendon.  

I'd go back for the food but the space is awful. 


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Stopped in last night for a quick meal to test it out. It was one of the best meals I have had in the neighborhood in some time. 

Started with the cumin pork belly ($10). I should NOT have ordered this by myself, it was a good pile of cubed pork belly that had been deep fried. The pieces that were mostly protein were dense and chewy, but the ones that were fatty were pillowy. Very nice. 

I opted for the fish, which was also fried and served with hot peppers.

Finally, I inadvertently ordered the Crispy kale. Think the Flash fried spinach dish at Rasika. 

I agree, it was a small space, and four people were put at a amazingly small table next to me. Also had a crew from Hulu there filming something about rum flights and the food there, which made for even tighter quarters. But I liked my food, and my ti punch. A welcome addition to H Street NE. 


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I've been back several times, it is a fun, informal place to solo dine.  I have not had an appetizer that I disliked yet.  I agree with Ericandblueboy, the Doubles aren't my thing necessarily, but the chickpeas are tasty.  There has been a bit of a price creep, the pork belly is now $12, as are the organic chicken dishes: the jerk wings are smokey-spicy-delicious and the trini-chinese chicken in a semi-sweet glazed oyster sauce.  The wings are a crowd pleaser, the trini-chinese chicken is chopped through the bone and probably best for those comfortable with that style. (I am).  The cow heel soup might be an everytime order -- a lime-sour broth with tons of that gelatin heel and rice.  If you like pho, chances are you'll like this soup.  

I think the snapper whole fish is the one dish I see a lot going out.  To borrow a metric from asian restaurants, I see a whole-lotta Caribbean folks eating here, and they shimmy in delight when they dig into that snapper.  

But I could sit at that bar and snack on wings and rum all night there.

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