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Max Bishop (1899-1962) - Second Baseman and Leadoff Hitter for the Philadelphia Athletics, 1924-1933


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You're probably wondering what in the world I'm doing writing about Max Bishop.

"Who in the heck is Max Bishop?" you might ask.

Bishop was the second baseman, and more importantly, the leadoff hitter, for Connie Mack's great Philadelphia Athletics (AL Champions 1929-1931, and World Series Champions 1930-1931).

Still, with Al Simmons, Jimmy Foxx, and Mickey Cochrane on that team, what on earth am I doing writing about Max Bishop?

Bishop had a lifetime batting average of .271, but he ranks #15 all-time in on-base percentage at an astounding .423 (just ahead of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson") - he had 100+ walks a year for 8-straight years. He didn't steal much, but I guess with the hitters following him, he didn't need to.


(It isn't often you see someone with a career slash line of .271/.423/.366.)

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