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Bon Vivant Cafe + Farm Market, Jawad Laouaouda and Tania Leech's Healthy and Sustainable Cuisine in Del Ray - Closed

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8am-9pm daily

Went to Bon Vivant with the Momma.  I had forgotten Evening Star wasn't open for lunch, and we decided to try somewhere we hadn't been before instead of wandering down to Cheesetique.  I got a pear and walnut salad with pulled chicken.  Momma got a flank steak salad.  The salad was good, but the fancy way they put the dressing on which looks very nice, isn't super practical.  Next time I will just ask for dressing on the side and mix it in myself, and ask for some cracked pepper.  The chicken was very good though.  The salad itself was fine, if a bit boring, the dressing issue just meant it could use some seasoning.  I think Mom's was likely a bit of the same.  I should have gotten a sandwich- I just didn't want to spend the WW points on bread.  I really like that they have nice real size glasses in the dining room with water, that is really nice.  This place had a few groups meeting in the space and had a big table in the back.

They were doing a decent take out business, there seem to be a lot of people in Del Ray looking for healthy options, and this would fit that, they also have some vegetarian and vegan options, more vegetarian than vegan. 

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All the closings in Del Ray are a bit disheartening.  Especially as this fits what so many people said they wanted- healthy, vegan option, vegetarian options, it had a nice meeting space for groups.  I wonder if it is just coincidence, or a sign of things to come.

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Things to come. Nice space. But then again most of the places in Del ray that are closing were refurbs of something old and tired. Catch on the Ave was created out of Caboose cafe. Charlies was created out of Fireflies. Bon Vivant was an old office space. All were upgrades to the previous spot. Again maybe that is not what that neighborhood wants. I hear often people say over and over "we want a place for families to stretch out.

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