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V Street - Vegan street food from the owners of Vedge. 126 South 19th Street (Rittenhouse Square)

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We stopped in for a day after Thanksgiving dinner at V Street.  Vegan.  Vegetables.  Nothing too heavy please.

V Street is pretty much on the same level as their sister DC restaurant, Fancy Radish, in terms of vibe.  Sort of a boisterous casual setting, although V Street is in a townhouse.     

With four people, we were able to order pretty much the whole menu.

Charred Berbere Broccoli - Still crispy, I'd say even under cooked, florets of broccoli with a red lentil hummus and chermoula.  For a dish advertised with berbere, there wasn't any heat.  This dish was fine but not great.   

Cauliflower "65" - Crispy fried nuggets of cauliflower served with a not particularly raita-y tasting raita.  The cauliflower was excellent, just needed a better sauce.  

Peruvian Potatoes - This was a plate of long potato wedges dressed with aji amarillo, cilantro, dried olives, and peanuts.  One of the better dishes, this was like solid comfort food. 

Langos - Hungarian potato bread, sauerkraut, remoulade, crispy shiitake.  This dish pretty much hit every note and the potato bread was delightful light and fluffy.  Probably the best dish of the night.

Trumpet Mushroom Shwarma - Having recently been to the Komi pop-up Happy Gyro, I'd say V Street's take on veg/vegan Greek didn't really stand up.

KFT Tacos - Two medium sized tacos stuffed with Korean fried tempeh, radish kimchee, and Spicy special sauce. This dish was pretty inspired.  I would order again.

Piri Piri Grilled Tofu - A lovely piece of grilled, high quality tofu.  I don't remember the accompaniments much, but apparently they were lentil ful, grilled tomatoes, cumin and cabbage salad.

Singapore Noodles - This dish was pretty much a disaster.  If you had blindly asked me what style of noodle, I never would have guessed Singapore.  It was basically a bowl of oily noodles that had some heat from the thinly sliced shishito peppers.  The ingredient list includes red curry, maybe they forgot that part.  Kind of a clanger note to end the meal.

Having been to Fancy Radish once and now V Street, I would say the cooking and plating at V Street is cleaner.  Maybe Fancy Radish is too far from the Mothership.  I think with both restaurants, when they are trying to replicate a dish they are not always successful (see Noodles, Singapore).  However, when using a region/country for inspiration they are perhaps more successful.  It was a nice meal, but not a great meal.  

Maybe Vedge is better?

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