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Skincando Combat-Ready Balm (2009-) - Founder Sara Damelio's Organic Skin Cream, Originally Designed for Our Troops Overseas

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I've been friends with Sara Damelio, founder of Skincando, for over a decade, though I haven't seen her in probably almost ten years.

And I've been a loyal customer of Skincando "Combat Ready" Balm, which was originally designed with our troops overseas in mind.

I recently got an email from the company, advertising a 40%-off discount - with free shipping - so I wrote and ordered two 8-ounce jars. I also quipped, "Please have Sara make a fresh batch."

She wrote back, said she'd love a mention on this website, and when I asked her what she'd like me to say, she told me this:

"Skincando.com is DC's first organic skincare company started in '09. Now thru 12/10 get 40% off your purchase with code HOLIDAY40."

She also told me that going forward, Skincando products will only be on sale up to two-times a year, and they will be no more than 20% off.

I'm hardly an expert in skin-care products, but DIShGo is, and she loves it - I would not be writing this if I didn't wholeheartedly believe in the product. I cannot imagine a more-pure skin balm than this is: Sara used to literally drive to Whole Foods, purchase organic fruits, vegetables, and what-not, and make this in her living room - I couldn't believe what it sounded like she was putting herself through.

So, you have until December 10th to get 40%-off your order, with free shipping. Just to let you know this is no BS:


Thank you for your order

Hi Don,
Just to let you know — we've received your order #3811, and it is now being processed:

[Order #3811] (December 5, 2019)

Product Quantity Price
COMBAT-READY BALM | Skincando - 8 oz. 2 $130.00
Subtotal: $130.00
Discount: -$52.00
Shipping: Free shipping
Payment method: Credit Card (Stripe)
Total: $78.00
Note: Why not 2 huh?

Don Rockwell

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I love Skincando's  Lux Beauty Line and the Combat-Ready Baby Balm for my sensitive skin.  Exceptional skincare products created by an incredible woman, Sara Damelio.

Deborah Lee

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