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Recommendations in Flushing


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We are going up to NYC the week before Easter for a Sondheim fix: Company {the London production w/ a woman playing Bobby and Patty Lupone as Elaine Stritch. This will be Kay's third time of seeing Patty;} and Assassins off broadway with Judy Kuhn! We have an air B n B in Flushing less than a block from the 7 Main Street Station subway. 

Looking for hole in the walls. Any cuisine. Obviously a lot of Chinese will be in the mix but Murray Hill's Korean and Indian neighborhoods are in walking distance. We have committed to at least one XLB spot a day and I think with all the places serving XLB between 6 and 8 am we will probably average 2+. 

We have been to New World Mall and know about stall 28, but there are so many other spots, any experience would be helpful. We are also going to check out New HK Market's food court. Or HK Market's new food court. 

Company is at the Jacobs, 242 W 45th; Assassins is at 136 E 13th at the Classic Stage and we are less familiar with this area. 

Our trip dates are 4/4 thru 4/9 so anyone in the area who wants to chow down especially on hole in the wall Chinese, let us know. Company is 4/7 and Assassins is 4/8 so those would be great nights for Happy Hour.


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We may be around that week & I haven't been to Flushing in awhile so maybe we can arrange to join you for some hole in the wall food.  Meanwhile, let me link you to a couple of blogs that you can read thru (if you don't know them already).  Both cover all of NYC but have a bit of Flushing coverage:

https://www.eatingintranslation.com/flushing/  Dave Cook is a friend whom I've gone to Flushing (& lots of elsewhere) with over the years &, if the timing works out, maybe a group dinner can be arranged.

http://www.eattheworldnyc.com/search/label/Flushing. Jared also has high credibility & is worth reading

And, although he's now in the business of doing food tours, Joe D. has written up some Flushing places in http://chopsticksandmarrow.com/about/ that are worth reading (some might be out of date).

By the time you get here, the downstairs Golden Mall might be re-opened.  It'll probably be a very cleaned up version, unlike the place where Bourdain "discovered" the first Xi'an Noodle stall or the where the Dumpling Lady (http://www.dumplinggalaxy.com) had her 1st stall, but we'll see.

And, lastly, although I haven't been in a couple of years, I used to really like Fu Run (4009 Prince St) & Golden Palace Gourmet (140-09 Cherry Ave), a couple of DongBei restaurants that have gotten very mixed reviews since (from unknown yelp'ers etc) but may well still be good.

Enough?  Let me know.

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