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Mama Chang Get-Together - Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 - SIGN UP HERE

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Fushsia Dunlop recently ate at Mama Chang.  I think Lydia Chang and Fushsia together decided to eat:

1.  Dry-Fried Cauliflower*** 

2.  Triple-Layer Doupi  

3.  Wuhan Sesame Noodles***

4.  Salt and Pepper Lotus Root Sandwich

5.  Fried Cilantro Crab Roll

6.  Grandma’s Sticky Rice Bowl with Crab

7.  Fresh Chili Flounder Fish***

8.  Black Bone Chicken Soup

9.  Jingzhou-style Fish Cake and Fish Ball Stew

10.  Red Pepper Fried Chicken with Sesame***

11.  Yangtze River Beef

12.  Farmers Stir Fry

13.  Garden Duo

14.  Smoked Pork Belly with Chinese Leek and Smoked Tofu

15.  Stir Fried Snow Pea Shoots

The items I crossed out - either acquired taste or too common.  The items I starred are must orders.

Depending on the number of people that show up, we can decide what else to order.  Looking for a few good men (or women) to eat what surely must be the best dishes from Mama Chang.  Saturday or Sunday lunch, or Sunday dinner probably most convenient for all.  Reply if interested.

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We have a reservation at Mama Chang on 2/16 at 6 p.m. for 12 under my name.

1.  Eric

2.  Steve

3. @DanielK +1

5.  @weezy

6.  @ktmoomau please confirm whether +1 ASAP

8.  @Smita Nordwall please confirm whether +1 ASAP

10.  @TheMatt

11.  @deangold +1


13.  @eatruneat + 1

Is Lydia Chang a member?  If so, what's her member name?

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Final menu and pricing


1.  Dry-Fried Cauliflower x2
2.  Wuhan Sesame Noodles x2
3.  Salt and Pepper Lotus Root Sandwich x2
4.  Chang’s Roast Duck x1
5.  Chinese BBQ Pigs Feet x2
6.  Fresh Chili Flounder Fish x1
7.  Jingzhou-style Fish Cake Stew x1
8.  Red Pepper Fried Chicken with Sesame x2
9.  Yangtze River Beef x1
10.  Farmers Stir Fry x1
11.  Garden Duo x1
12.  Smoked Pork Belly with Chinese Leek and Smoked Tofu x1
Food Qty based on 12 people, subtotal is $273, TAX $27.3, Total will be $300.3, this in not including tips.
Please feel free to ask any question or if you need change qty or items do not hesitate to contact.

See everyone on Sunday at 6 p.m.  

chuck@qbypeterchang.com, xiaojing.lee@gmail.com, lydia@qbypeterchang.com are my contacts at Peter Chang.  I'm sure anyone can e-mail them and set up their own banquet in the future.


Mama Chang (Ericandblueboy)

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