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Southern Utah (5 national parks)

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We are planning at trip to Southern Utah in April to hit the 5 national parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion plus other national monuments, state parks and other amazing wilderness). The only recommendations on the board are for Moab near Arches/Canyonlands and they are rather old and mostly non-recommendations. Anyone been more recently and have suggestions?  One place we were told to check out is Hell's Backbone in Boulder, UT. Thanks.

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@Marty L. I'm responding to you over here so that the A&J thread stays focused and so other people can find my musings. 


Sadly, there is not a lot I know of near Zion, honestly.  Some of this is minimal exposure (I've camped around there, but rarely dined) and some of this is the paucity of recs I could make from the experiences I've had.  Springdale is the big 'town' near Zion and I had a completely unmemorable meal there (so much so, I couldn't give a name of the restaurant). 

In the Moab area, I've good things about 98Center and Moab Garage Company, but have personally eaten at neither.  I thought the Love Muffin Cafe had good breakfast burritos and reasonable coffee (I don't remember being overwhelmed in either direction about their coffee).  Milt's Stop and Eat is a Moab classic.  The waits are long no matter when I've been there.  I don't think I've had the burgers, but the shakes are genuinely good and I've heard good things from my fellow diners about the burgers.  Fries are another critical assessment to a diner and I'll admit, I don't remember them.  That's not a ringing endorsement, I know.


In SLC, I've heard good things (but haven't yet eaten at) Nohmslc.  The Waterwitch is a bar near it that is the size of a postage stamp and makes good drinks.  Alibi is a good bar downtown.  I used to love Rye (a restaurant attached to a club) but haven't been in a while.  Their menu changes with some frequency and some versions of their menu I've liked more than others.  They've got delicious cocktails, friendly wait staff and I usually like the food a fair piece.  Yokoramen is around the corner from Rye and I've really liked the ramen and other items I've gotten there.  If you're here on a Saturday when Beltex meats (a local butcher) does their Cubano sandwiches GET ONE.  They're fantastic.  Pizza Nono makes a good pizza and I think their sides are particularly good.  It kind of reminds me of Two Amy's back when I lived there (don't know what it's like now).  Oh, there's a place called Nomad Eatery that used to be near the airport (they're moving, staying on the westside, but I don't know where); I like them a lot.  Had a really good meal at Post Office Place which is next door to a sushi places that's supposed to be fantastic (but I haven't eaten at).  I need to keep thinking on this.  COVID has me so off any eating out game and I don't even know how valid these recs are given the challenges of COVID (are they serving takeout?  is their food as good these days?  are they even open?!).

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