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Silver Spring Restaurant Week 2007

Spiral Stairs

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February 5-11, according to DCist. Prices unknown.

Silver Spring, a long-suffering suburban “edge city” that has been on the upswing for the last few years is officially entering the fray to show off its shiny new dining scene February 5-11. Prices haven’t been set yet, but Silver Spring’s unofficial mayor and number one booster, Susan Hoffman, tells DCist that 23 restaurants have signed up so far.

Addis Ababa, which one astute reader advised us correctly that it gives Etete in downtown D.C. a serious run for its money, is a good choice, as is Cubano’s, Jackie’s, Taste of Morocco, and Taste of Jerusalem, but there are many more to choose from. Asian Bistro, Austin Grill, Capital Bleu, Ceviche, Crisfield, El Nopalito Grill, Gallery, Golden Flame, McGinty’s Irish Pub, Mi Rancho, Mrs. K’s, Red Lobster, Red Rock Canyon Grill, Sergio’s, Spring Garden Restaurant, and Thai at Silver Spring were the other spots signed up at press time.

(emphasis mine).

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Or...one could go to RTC and pay $19 for the hanger steak, $3.50 for a cup of lentil soup, and $5 for dessert. Explain again why I would pay $30 for ANY of those other places (except maybe Ceviche - need to give that place another try).
No kidding. NFW would I pay $30 to eat at almost any of those places. :lol: I'm not even sure a $20 price tage would be worth it.
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To be fair, I don't know that the price will be $30. Maybe they'll get all old-school and make it $20.07 for dinner.
Even at $20 they'd have to throw in a pitcher of margaritas at Mi Rancho to make it.

I think this event is a mistake. I think my neighborhood and its largely decent cheap ethnic eats would be much better served with just doing a semi-annual "Taste Of" festival on the astroturf instead of a falsely gussied up Restaurant Week.

At the risk of falling victim to the dread Pago Pago syndrome, there are really only 4 restaurants in downtown SS where restaurant week makes any sense at all when you look at their prices -- Ray'sTC, Jackie's, Ceviche, and Mrs K's.

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Here's a list of participants and prices (scroll down).

Too bad many of the participants aren't posting RW offerings on their web sites. Given the blast of winter weather, it may take more than a list of reduced prices to move us out into the blustery cold.

The only one that hits me as a good bargain is the $12 Lunch at Crisfield.

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We went to El Nopalito last night since we were in the mood for seafood. I had forgotten it was SS RW. The place was not at all busy, in fact less busy than a normal Wednesday. They were offering two RW menus, one for $22 and one for $30.

The chili relleno was fantastic as always, but the goat cheese salad could have used less dressing (we forgot to ask for the dressing to be on the side.) The rockfish was perfectly cooked, and the seafood veracruz was full of mussels, and two huge scallops. The flavors were perfect. There were five desserts offered. The mango sorbet was excellent. The empanadas were pretty good, but not the best I ever had.

All in all we were very pleased. Especially since our total bill was under $60. (No drinks this time, just coffee.)

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