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Ms DiPesto's Ginger Cats, Crimson and Aengus (and Arabesque)


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My two boys, Crimson and Aengus, have the same mommy and different daddies. We moved from an overpriced apartment in Falls Church to a house outside New Haven, CT in November 2019. They have a ton more space to run around, and are strictly indoor cats. Lots of catertainment here as we have 3.6 acres, much of which is wooded. They get to watch birds on the feeders, chipmunks on the patio, squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, and maybe even bear and bobcats when I'm asleep (a bear took down the feeder and stole a big block of hot pepper suet a couple of months ago). 

We're quite happy here. 


And here's their mommy, Arabesque, or Bess for short, who resides with a friend in the middle of Vermont. This picture of Bess was taken shortly after she caught a quail on the roof of the house:


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Crimson seemed upset this morning, glancing into the patio/backyard even between bites of food. Later I went to look at the herb and pepper garden, and the catnip plant looks like some other cat passed through and stuck it's face into the plant...not eaten, just disturbed. Other cats he doesn't know freak him out. 

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Much has happened since my last entry. Crimson developed struvite stones in his bladder and there was inappropriate everything, often on treasured objects. He had also ate something that stuffed his colon up. This was in April. Off to the hospital, and he had to get opened up and the stones scooped out of his little bladder. I am so glad I have insurance on my 2 oranges. 

He had the runs recently, and the vets are too backed up for personal visits, so they were kind enough to tell me he has an inflammation from his issues (he has to eat special food now to increase the acidity of his urine). So they gave me Metronidazole caps. After a couple of days, he has learned to detect it and I can put it in his mouth and he'll leave the room and drop it on the floor while laughing at me. Pill pockets? He'll eat around the pill and leave it on the floor and say "Thanks for the snack!". I will emply the Pill Popper now, as he can also pick the pill out of his wet food, and he can also tell if I've slit open the capsule and mixed the powder in. "Hey, there's something in here! I'm not eating this!" They have amazing senses. 

Aengus is doing well. 

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