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The Stone Tofu House in Annandale

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I forgot to make a post about this last weekend. Odd considering it was one of the first dining out I'd done in a while.

To wit, I was in Annandale thinking of getting a crazy Korean corn dog at Siroo Juk Story when I saw a new restaurant in the old Blue Sand Seafood spot: The Stone Tofu House (website, Instagram). The are nominally a soondubu jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew) joint with the added bonus that they apparently make their own tofu everyday. That would put them one up on Annandale stalwart Lighthouse Tofu (which I'm pretty sure does not).

Now it being a zillion degrees, I didn't do "regular" soondubu but I did try curry soondubu which was new to me. And it was good and different. Not as spicy and I'm a fan of curry, so thumbs up from me.

Unlike Lighthouse, though, The Stone seems to have a much more comprehensive/varied menu. They have a few more odd flavors of soondubu (like curry and jjajang), intestines, and even biji jjigae which is made with the pulp leftover from making tofu. Beyond that, many dishes including some focused on tofu that I'd like to try sometime (though it'd probably be better/easier with more people).

As for COVID awareness, since it was newly open and early in the day, I was definitely separated from the few other diners. All the servers wore gloves and masks as well as it should be.

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