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3321 Bistro, Tex-Mex and International Latin. Opening soon in Cleveland Park

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Well, we can report a new restaurant opening in Cleveland Park.

3321 Bistro is taking over the Coppi's space. A banner signage went up this week. 

Although the generic name (3321 is the street address), stock style photos on their IG account, and their website domain is still for sale, doesn't really instill a lot of confidence.

But, if they can whip up some good pupusas, fried plantains, and rice and beans, they will get more money out of me than Coppi's.  Which would be $0.00, since the one time we went my parents picked up the tab. Sorry Mom and Dad! 

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Well, I'll give the 3321 Bistro folks props for forging ahead, gutting a restaurant, redesigning the space, and opening during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointing takeout meal.  Their menu is a mess.  Much of the food was underseasoned, some of it not seasoned.  Ingredients were missing.  The ingredient quality was supermarket level.  Maybe the meat dishes are better?  Sigh.   

The Vegetarian Quesadilla was bland and boring.  I've made better veggie quesadilas with leftover scraps from my fridge.  The salsa tasted and looked like it was from a jar.   

The Plantain and Black Bean Tostadas (3 to an order) were missing the plantains.  A scattering of salad greens looked like they were straight from a prepackaged carton of mixed greens, generic cherry tomatoes, a couple slices of radish.  Frankly, it was an insult to tostadas.

The Guacamole was likewise underseasoned, desperate for some salt and more lime.  Some of the tortilla chips appeared to be freshly fried, but suffered from steaming in the paper bag on the way home.

The Fish Ceviche was passable.  The citrus marinade was simple but nicely balanced.  However, the fish appeared to be farmed tilapia...I could have walked down the street to Yes Gourmet and bought a piece of fish of equal quality.  The large kernals of corn were inedible and the chunk of sweet potato didn't really add much but sweetness.  

The Patatas Bravas were the one saving grace.  A large container of nicely fried potato chunks with a generic but spice-ish sauce.  If they served these potatoes with some chorizo and fried eggs, they might be onto something.  I repurposed the potatoes as a pizza topping Sunday night and they worked well.  If I need a quantity of fried potatoes I'd actually consider placing a stand alone order.

I think we will give them another shot once the pandemic passes and they get a liquor license, but as of right now, 3321 Bistro won't be added to our pandemic takeout rotation.  


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