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I felt like scoring a Detroit style pie from Della Barba, but @eatruneat wasn't so sure.  I inquired with her as to what she wanted, but she was unsure.  I suggested that we try Rumi's Kitchen as I read it was very good and it would give us just the short walk our dog needed.  We looked over the menu and decided to go with the Shirazi Salad and Mirza Ghasemi to start and Duck Fesenjoon and Chinjeh Lubia Polo for our 'Feast'.  We walked over and found the patio at socially distancing capacity despite the chilly weather outside with propane heating towers ablaze.  I had to wait outside with the dog, so I wasn't able to see the dining room with its mannequin filled tables - see the Post's review for pictures.

Once we got home, we unpacked everything and were a little confused by two boxes filled with an array of herbs, feta and radishes.  @eatruneat and I looked at each other and were puzzled as what to do with the contents since there were no directions (I learned later after doing some reading that they are to adorn the taftoun that accompanies your meal).  Speaking of the taftoun, it is amazing.  Somewhere between naan and pita, it is soft with a little bit of crunch and the perfect accompaniment to our meal.  Dipping in into the Mirza, which is a close second to my favorite thing of the night, was delicious.  The shirazi salad was nice as well with a not-too-strong lemon vinaigrette and  lots of different textures.

While I enjoyed my Chinjeh very much - especially the green bean and tomato basmati rice - the Duck Fesenjoon won by a landslide.  The drumstick and breast meat were juicy with a little tang and sweetness to them and paired very well with the saffron infused basmati rice.  If you're a duck fan, definitely order this dish.  Also, take advantage of all of the free things you can get with your 'feast' order.  They offer a side of sliced tomatoes for free and decide to get them.  It turned out to be a good amount of sliced grape tomatoes that we enjoyed snacking on.  Next time around, we're going to get all of the free offerings because why not.

Our only regret of the night aside from not getting all of the free offerings was that we wish we had more things to dip the copious amounts of the taftoun in.  We will not make that mistake when we dine there again soon.


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