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There's a cozy little corner store three blocks away from Indigo, reminds me a bit of Little Red Fox.  Not as many baked goods, but a robust selection of sandwichs, salads, paninis, and pizzas.  The market also includes pantry items, beer and wine, and dairy.  Coffees as well.

They use a wood-fired oven, and I prefer the pizzas here to Stellina Pizzeria.  The ingredients are top notch, the pepperoni spicy, and the tomato sauce assertive.  

Also featured:  ready-to-eat meals vacuum packed and ready for a quick zap.  Both their vegetarian lasagna ($11) and their cassoulet ($7) are really good.  I also like their apple and brandied apricot cobbler ($6) that's big enough for two.  

In the basement, they have seating, as well as a record area featuring a collection of vinyl for sale spanning all genres.  Jazz is piped thru the entire market.  They will resume dinners and wine tastings down there when appropriate.  A cool neighborhood spot.  Seems like a passion project for the owner, and everything is priced below what I think other places would charge.  


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