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Vaccinations in Arlington County, as of Sat, 12/23/2001

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Here is up-to-the-minute information regarding vaccines in Arlington County.

A member here is living overseas, and has two elderly parents (90 and 81) living in Arlington. I was going to take them to get their vaccines, but did some research first - here's what I found:

At Walter Reed Community Center, they were giving vaccinations (with long lines) 1-2 weeks ago. I just went there and asked how to go about doing this, and a kindly, older gentleman at the front desk gave me a very long, non-answer. The upshot is that "they" (perhaps the Community Center, perhaps the entire county) are out of vaccinations, but some are "coming in on an airplane." He could not and would not furnish any more information that that, other than to say that as of this moment, unless you already have an appointment, you cannot get a vaccine, and they're not taking any type of wait list.

The gentleman went in the back (*), and returned with a slip of paper that says:


For reservations: 703-717-7100

www.virginiahospitalcenter.com/covidvaccine-schedule [<-- This link has the information you need to know.]

For confirmation:


I called the reservations number, and got a recording which strongly implied that Arlington County has sent out "cancellations" to people who already had appointments (because they ran out of vaccine), and said that those people would be contacted. You can dial the number and listen to the message yourself.

The first website up above has the information you need. I'm of the opinion that right now, everything is up in the air, and when vaccines arrive, there will be something of an elbowing contest in order to get one.

That's all the information I could find, but if people want me to, I'll be happy to monitor the situation, and update this thread as more becomes available.


(*) When the elderly gentleman was in the back, a younger, somewhat prickish man (bald, beard, glasses), came up to me and said, "Can I help you?" I said thanks, but I was already being helped. He continued: "By who?" I said by the man working the front desk, who has gone back to get me some information about vaccinations. When the desk worker came back (and handed me the piece of paper), the younger man said to him, curtly, 'From now on, you don't let anyone past this point,' without a please, a thank you, or any deference to the kindly man's age - I understand that I only caught a small glimpse of this exchange, but the optics were not great.


This article was updated at 8:05 PM last night, and is germane to this issue:

"Virginia Hospital Center To Administer Vaccines under New Agreement with County" by Matt Blitz on arlnow.com

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 12.54.42.png

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More details here



and Arlington County official release 


you want to pre register your people here


I did it for at risk under 65 on about the 12 and nothing yet  



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