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Schmaltz Brothers Kosher Food Truck - DC/MD

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Got a chance to try the new Schmaltz Brothers kosher food truck when it stopped in Cleveland Park, DC tonight. Overall, we really liked it. The best was the Bubbie's Brisket sandwich that is a bunch of very moist shredded beef brisket with slaw on a very tasty challah roll bun with everything bagel spice on top. Almost as good was the Zinger fried chicken sandwich which I got sweet/spicy with hot honey but they will also do Nashville style hot chicken too. It comes on the same good bun.  Probably an acquired taste was the very non-traditional fried matzo balls with pickled onions and spicy aioli. My wife took a bite and just couldn't handle the weirdness. I embraced the difference and enjoyed the rest. They are slightly crispy on the outside and very soft inside. In looks like this is their latest version as their old menu had fried matzah puppies with crushed matza instead of the usual cornmeal hush puppies. Their menu apparently fluctuates a little along with their truck locations. Lastly, we had a rather good chocolate babka for dessert - very rich chocolate but a little dry (good but not the best babka) - kid approved though 🙂

Website: https://www.schmaltzbros.com/

More details and pictures here: https://dc.eater.com/2020/12/3/22126233/schmaltz-brothers-food-truck-chicken-sandwiches-burgers-synagogues-bar


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