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Good Apples, find this week

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In the Before Times, I was a big fan of Kuhn's produce at my local farmers markets.   They still come into the area at multiple farmers markets, most days of the week.  Their schedule is here and they also have weekly delivery/pickup options.


Kuhn's is a great source for apples, especially, Gold Rush..........the greatest apple you haven't yet tried!!  😉

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Gold Rush are amazing storage apples.  The flavor improves a month or two after picking and they stay firm and crunchy until June or July when they run out of the previous year's harvest.  Of course they store them at something like 33 degrees under nitrogen, but even in the home fridge they'll last forever

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1 hour ago, ktmoomau said:

Number1sons does delivery of a lot of their farmer's market friend's products.  They have apples and are adding more, you might check them out, they will deliver too!

Thanks!  Number1 used to be at Palisades market, but now we have Fresh Crunch (cauliflower and crunchy cukes).  Will have to give Number1 a check again.  Going to get off my sorry, lazy rear and get to the market this weekend!  Happy Valentine's.  I think this weekend is more apples from Kuhn's and some caviar from Blacksalt.  Not feeling too bad.  Will try to report back, but Kuhn's does have a good supply.

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