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Suggestions In the vicinity of Arlington National Cemetary

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My Mom's internment at Arlington National Cemetery will be taking place this coming Wednesday, February 24th. She's been reunited with my Dad, in spirit, since December 1st, and now will be reunited in body, after a very understandable wait, in ANC. We've been blessed (at least as of right now) with a very pleasant weather forecast for Wednesday. Internment will take place at 1pm. Looking for suggestions for restaurants close by. I cook for a living, and Mom was my guinea pig for years, from the time I entered culinary school in 1998 right up 'til her last days (we lived together and I was her full-time primary caregiver for the last several years). As such, looking primarily for great food, regardless of 'level' (example: I have very strong ties with the Black's Restaurant Group, and I know Black Salt isn't far from ANC, but by no means do suggestions have to be at that level - 'bang for your buck' is perfectly fine. Although the weather looks to be beautiful that day, not anticipating many people, due to C-19.

Thanks so much, in advance, for your help!

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I'm very sorry for your loss.

My information is dated, so perhaps others will weigh in if the places I mention have taken a turn for the worse, but here are a few spots in Virginia. 

Green Pig Bistro was my local go-to restaurant a few years ago.

Ambar for Eastern European cuisine.

Bangkok 54 for Thai.


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I made a very similar post like this last fall.  My father's interment was at 9am so I was looking for a brunch/lunch place.  Busboys and Poets seemed prefect because they were open all day including breakfast and was very close (Shillington).  The deal breaker was that because of Covid we would all have to sit at different tables (6 per table max) and they couldn't set up a coffee station or a buffet and they wouldn't let us mingle about.  It would have been a bunch of people sitting a different tables not mixing and not mingling.  I don't blame the restaurant for the restrictions of course, but it ended up being more trouble than it was worth.  We ended up just going back to my house and having it "catered" by a few wonderful neighborhood friends.

I realize this wasn't much help, but when you're looking at places, make sure you find out how normal/abnormal the situation in the restaurant will be.

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