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Cameo Coffee and Tea, in The Roost, 14th and Pennsylvania Ave., SE


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I picked up an order at Cameo the other day. Since Souk no longer has bread and I'm not baking much myself, I've been scoping out other sources. Since I was only ordering bread, I also got just a regular $3 drip coffee too.

After ordering online, I arrived 30 or so minutes later. The coffee had been put out on the counter with the bread when the order was fulfilled right after I put it in, so it had been sitting a while.

The upshot: their rustic bread is fantastic. The coffee, which I ordered with "a splash of milk" had exactly the right amount of milk. Since it was pretty tepid when I tried it, I'm not sure how to evaluate it beyond that. They have tasting notes, etc., on the menu.

So...wait for  it...I sat at a table outside with no one around and chugged about half the coffee, since it wasn't getting any hotter. First time I had consumed food or beverage at a restaurant's tables in just about a year.  I reheated what was left of the coffee when I got home and it was fine, but I'll try to order when I'm nearby next time so the coffee hasn't been sitting long.

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The rustic sourdough continues to be fantastic. (Didn't get coffee this time.) This loaf was even bigger than the last one. The coloring and crust make me wonder if they bake them in the pizza oven for the nearby slice spot at the Roost. It's a worthwhile $9.

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