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Cracked Eggery - Egg Sandwiches and Tater Tots Opening in Cleveland Park and Shaw

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Excited we'll have another brick & mortar space filled in CP and with a business that already has a following (that always have people waiting for sandwiches on Saturday morning), but I don't get this part of the article:

"A second fast-casual restaurant—open for lunch and dinner, though not 3 AM cravings—is slated for Cleveland Park this spring" - why would you not open a place known for egg breakfast sandwiches during breakfast time? Seems really odd. They do say that the restaurant menus may vary more so maybe it will be a slightly different concept.

I have never tried their stuff as I usually just make my own eggs, but I was intrigued by some of their menu choices - like which sandwiches come with scrambled vs. fried eggs. Anyone know if they'll customize and let you pick which type of egg for your sandwich?

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Stopped by Cracked Eggery yesterday for breakfast to go. I enjoyed the Bubby - egg over hard, smoked salmon, everything spice cream cheese, caper tapenade on "challah" roll. The challah roll was rich and good but I put quotes as it seemed more like brioche - buttery rich. The sandwich was good and very filling. I'll have to try some more options in the future. Very friendly service and quick - only 5 min wait. This was my first time eating their food so per my comment above, I anticipated wrongly that the fried eggs would be more over easy to get that runny egg goodness. Granted that would be much messier to eat but I plan to ask next time if it was a option.

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