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Morgan and Addison were the former chefs at Maydan.  For some reason, they thought they could do some research and just open a Caribbean restaurant.  

That restaurant happens to be Bammy's, located between Osteria Morini and Agua 301, in the space formerly occupied by Whaley's.

Twas a Sunday afternoon after a Nats game, so the area is pretty crowded.  And many people were just there for drinks.  They have a dinner menu and a game day menu.  They were serving both - I was gonna leave if they were only serving the game day menu.

We started with Pimento Fried Chicken and Mac Pie.  The chicken was boneless and mildly spicy.  I don't like boneless chicken.  The mac 'n cheese was loaded with black pepper.  One kid liked the chicken and detested the mac 'n cheese, the other was vice versa.  I wouldn't bother with either.

Next was Goat Curry, Shrimp Curry, Chana and Cole Slaw.  The curries scorched my kids' taste buds.  This was really annoying.  Neither was labeled as spicy and I've had curries all over the Caribbean and they're not generally spicy.  At least I enjoyed the shrimp curry, very tender and coconutty.  Nothing else warranted a revisit.


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