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Roaming Rooster - local DC chicken sandwich chain

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First time trying Roaming Rooster today at their Tenleytown location. Overall, very fresh, tasty but not life altering like you would think from some of the reviews on Yelp or just in general the current overkill enthusiasm for fried chicken sandwiches. We got 3 types - 1) the regular with off-menu no heat (not sure why that isn't an explicit option - they ask you mild, medium, or hot) this came with vinegar slaw on a hamburger bun like roll. Pretty good for the plain jane. 2) nashville hot chicken - medium - comes with same vinegar slaw but also a few pickles. Good overall. I thought the medium heat was nice but not much - really more like a mild heat. 3) buffalo with blue cheese - mild heat. I didn't try this one but my friend liked it said it wasn't too hot.  We also got a couple of orders of fries - which were fresh but only ok - could have been crispier (this was not due to lag time, I ordered in person, waited and then immediately ate a few fries from the bag before I got back to the car as one is expected to do). Two things I really did like is that they were made to order and the sandwich wasn't too big - the size was just right, you could eat the whole thing for a meal but not feel stuffed. Prices are pretty good too - $8-9 or so for each sandwich. A nice local addition to the food scene.

However, I will say if you want a spicier, more unique and oversized fried chicken sandwich get the Chiko Sichuan Hot Fried Chicken (may be only available at lunch) - the 1/2 size is still rather large.

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