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Wanted: She-Wolf / Pirate Baker

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We’re a local food business with a fiercely devoted following. We have earned this with years of hands-on hard work and honest hospitality. We get up early and do the work of making and selling flavorful heritage foods. We do this directly to our community at farmers markets and via home delivery. 

Seeking a baker with unwavering high standards and relentless work ethic. You are proud of being effective no matter what challenges arise. Quality, organization, and cleanliness are core to your work. You’re likely of a counter-cultural bent, but not one of apathy or laziness. You communicate openly and without hesitation. 

You will be taking our baking program from current prototype phase to systematic, smooth, high tempo. We are focusing on classic baked goods; bagels, rolls, cookies and pies.

We have bootstrapped from day one. Our bakery is the latest phase in an intentional decision to stay locally rooted instead of seeking growth via big store wholesale accounts. We are scrappy and agile and you embrace that ethos. We generally solve our own problems. 

We offer a minimal nonsense environment, excellent pay, and health insurance. We respect vacations (that match our business cycle please) and have a company acupuncture plan. This role is hourly to start, it is anticipated with success this will become a salaried position.

The schedule will be centered around overnight bakes happening on Friday and Saturday.

Please email about yourself, what you're looking for in your next baking role and relevant experience.



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