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Dauphine’s is the newest restaurant concept from Long Shot Hospitality, the team behind Washington, D.C.’s beloved restaurant, The Salt Line. Led by critically acclaimed Chef Kristen Essig, Dauphine’s is inspired by the playful spirit and iconic cuisine of New Orleans.

@Tom Sietsema gushed about this new restaurant so I had to check it out.  

We started with some seafood and boucherie.  I've had blue crab fingers (cracked claws) before in N.O. so I know they're easy to eat.  In this case, they were dipped into a slaw of tarragon remoulade & celery root, very delicious (beware of small pieces of crab claw in the slaw).  The fish dip was a bit bitter due to the preserved lemon salad (tasted like zest).  From the boucherie, we had some banh mi chicken liver mousse, rabbit pate, and mortadella.  The chicken liver mousse served with pickled veggies was fantastic, and the rabbit pate was almost as tasty.  However, the mortadella did not make an impression on me.  We ordered the $10 bread basket to go with the boucherie (which comes with crostini), but it had only one small baguette, 2 small biscuits, and 2 slices of toast.  

From the cooked foods, we ordered the Oysters Dauphine, chargrilled oysters with spinach, pecorino and supposedly horseradish (which I didn't taste).  They were plump, juicy and perfectly cooked/seasoned.  In addition, we ordered hangar steak and potato puffs.  The steak was tasty but a little chewy.

I'm definitely returning to check out more of the menu.




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Went back to try a few more dishes.

Fried Hog's Head Cheese -  grilled sweetbreads, tarragon-crab remoulade.  Excellent preparation with tender sweetbread, nicely breaded and seasoned.  None of that awfully offally flavor.

Paneed Skate Wing - crab, kale, beet, sherry & creole mustard beurre blanc.  Bottom line - nicely fried well seasoned fish.  

Cochon de Lait - grilled pork neck steak, red beans, collard greens, puffed rice.  Looks boring and tastes kinda boring.    


IMG_5312 (1).jpg

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