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Barcelona Wine Bar, 1709 East Passyunk Avenue. Philly branch of the Barcelona Wine Bar Chain

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Wondering the streets of Philly, my brother and SIL wanted to try a tapas place they had heard about.  I don't think they knew Barcelona Wine Bar is part of a chain.  So we ended up here for brunch.  I haven't been to any of the DC locations, so I have no point for comparison.  That said, they did a good job for a late Saturday lunch/brunch, especially with two vegetarians and a vegan in tow. 

Their bread is served warm and is decent, with a crispy crust.  The crumb is a bit pillow-y, but good for soaking up olive oil.

The brunch fideo with chorizo and egg was very good.  Fideo (or fideua) is basically a paella type dish made with a short, angel hair like pasta.  I'd definitely order this again.

The boquerones were served six on a plate with a generous splash of olive oil.  I'm guessing these were from a package (I doubt anyone is making boquerones in-house), so hard to screw up but they went well with the bread, and really tiny little fishes are usually good.

They did a good job with the mushrooms ala plancha, green beans with garlic and parsley, and spinach and chickpea cazuela. 

The patatas bravas were a good sized portion of well fried potato chunks, but the sauces were not particularly bravas:  too mild and not overly flavorful.  But, ya know, toss a couple of the patatas on the fideo with the chorizo and egg...it's pretty much a brunch win.

Refreshing glasses of sangria, not too sweet, washed everything down. 

Service was good, friendly, and our server marked up the menu for veg/vegan friendly dishes.    

Again, I don't know what the DC branches of Barcelona are like, but the Philly branch did a satisfying job.  



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