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Dyfre's Burger -- Freddy Vargas's Burgers and Hot Dogs with a Mexican Influence on Fullerton Road in Springfield

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Springfield's hamburger competition has heated up over the past few months with the arrival of Dyfre's Burger on Fullerton Road near the Springfield Costco. Afghan Bistro still holds the top spot, but Dyfre's has probably supplanted BGR The Burger Joint and Mike's American Grill for the #2 spot.

Uber Eats carried my order about a mile to my house. I enjoyed the $12 Elite Burger, a side salad, and the fried calamari with jalapeño slices. The quality was overall good, but perhaps the Sunday afternoon non-prime timeframe or the Uber Eats travel didn't do the items enough justice. The calamari was a bit salty and probably fried past optimal -- they were rubbery -- but the chipotle rioli dipping sauce was exceptional. The burger came in a dark brown bun, which was not called out on the menu. It was good, but a bit flimsy considering the half pound of Angus beef plus cheese, tomato, pickles, onions, and lettuce inside the bun. I ordered the burger medium, and it came closer to medium well, so I chalk that up to the Uber Eats ride. Nonetheless, this was a damned good burger.

I mentioned in the title that a bit of Mexican influence was apparent on the menu -- Mexican Burger, Empanadas, Mexican Coke, Corona Extra, Frozen Margarita....the owner is Freddy Vargas, and the Dyfre's website links to La Taqueria DC, at the same Fullerton Road location and with the same phone number as Dyfre's, also owned by Freddy Vargas. Bella Vita Pizza is also part of Freddy's mini-empire.

The Dyfre's menu also brags about its hot dogs, which is not all that common among the fast-casual establishments. The Dyfre's Hot Dog and the Classic Hot Dog both look like future menu options for me, and the cooler weather in the coming months would put the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup on my radar. More reports to come....I'm thinking of a progressive pig-out of Tacos Lengua (x2) at La Taqueria DC, and La Mexicana Pizza at Bella Vita Pizza, and then the Empanadas at Dyfre's would be a decent binge.

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