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Los Compañeros: Mexican by Ann Cashion and John Fulchino at their Adams Morgan Eat Place/Half Shell Location

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The return of Ann Cashion and John Fulchino.  Opening mid-October-ish.

Washingtonian with the story

"Cashion’s menu at Los Compañeros will be more traditionally Mexican than Tex-Mex, though diners will find a few nods to the Austin Grill days—as well as Cashion’s, Johnny’s, and of course Taqueria Nacional, whose neon signs all line the wall. “In the spirit of the food there’s a connection,” says Cashion.

Diners can start with homemade salsa, guacamole, and a queso dip that Cashion’s been tweaking for decades. Street-style tacos are similar to those at Nacional, and come stuffed with fillings like carnitas or fish (there’s also a green-chili/egg taco by request). Other classics include ancho chile enchiladas, gulf shrimp quesadillas, Yucatan-style grilled chicken, and veggie-studded rice and beans. A crab cake Veracruz and gumbo-like seafood stew may placate the Johnny’s fans, but Cashion isn’t looking for comparisons—Los Compañeros is designed to be casual with a small, nimble menu that’ll allow room for specials (keep an eye out for Cashion’s chili this fall, topped with cheese, onions, and homemade crema)."

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