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K'Far Cafe - Israeli inspired cafe and bakery from Mike Solomonov

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You can eat very well in Philadelphia. 

You can eat very well in Philadelphia and only eat at Mike Solomonov joints. 

You can eat very well in Philadelphia and only eat at Mike Solomonov joints along Sansom Street, which includes a Dizengoff, Federal Donuts, Goldie, Abe Fisher, and K'Far Cafe, all with in four blocks of each other.  

For breakfast or a light lunch, I suggest K'Far Cafe, an Israeli inspired bakery cafe with Jerusalem style bagels (in Israel they are called Ka'ak Al Quds), borekas, various toasts, salads, cakes, cookies, and coffee.  In our pandemic times, to-go orders are placed at the cashier and then you wait outside for your food.  I'd expect a 5-10 minute wait.  The cafe does have indoor seating and a small patio area available.  On a Sunday morning at 9:30am, more than a dozen people were waiting outside for their orders, most of the seating was filled, and they easily had 20-30 to-go bags waiting for pickup (their website does push you toward online ordering, but you can walk up and order.)

The smoked salmon bagel was good and the borekas are very good.  Even their drip coffee is solid.   


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Another delicious take out order from K'Far this weekend.

I really like the smoked salmon and cream cheese Jerusalem style bagel.  We also had a very good pistachio sticky bun and a good pumpkin challah Danish (the sticky bun was the better of the two).  We also enjoyed a three pack of the borekas, but having had them several times now, I think they need more filling...the filling to pastry ratio is off in my opinion. 

We ordered via their website and was given a 25 minute wait time at 8:30 on a Saturday morning.  When we showed up at 9am the order was packed and ready to go.  It was a holiday weekend and they didn't appear to be that busy at that hour. 

After trying them three times now, K'Far is definitely on the rotation for Philly trips, especially when staying in the Rittenhouse Square area.     

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