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Honeymoon Chicken

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Honeymoon Chicken is at 9th and Georgia and Upshur Street,  in the space that was briefly Slim's Diner. They opened a few weeks ago.

We got takeout Saturday - our usual 4 for dinner. Took it to our friend's house, so 4 blocks. Bucket of original chicken, which is a whole chicken and comes with 4 rolls. Also with 3 sauces. We got honey mustard, mumbo, and honey lime vinaigrette. Added a few small sides to try - Brussels sprouts and smashed potatoes. (I made a lettuce salad. Friend made cookies for dessert.)

All tasty, although the rolls had a bit too much honey butter sauce on them. The sprouts were good. I would like to try them in house, to see if they might be a little crisper fresh out of the kitchen. The potatoes were quite nice. (The boy was disappointed in the potatoes. He thought they would be somehow smashed then fried? He did not expect mashed potatoes. Oh well.)

The chicken was excellent. 

We will do takeout again, and hope to get in to eat in person soon.


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