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Koloman - Markus Glocker's Parisian-Austrian Restaurant at the Ace Hotel (NoMad)

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We have eaten breakfast at Koloman twice and enjoyed it both times.

The early morning service is friendly but sometimes a little confused, with little things off, like not having silverware set or even the breakfast menus printed at opening time. 

However, the food is well prepared, tasty, and not terribly expensive if you are looking for a nice sit-down breakfast in NYC.  The space is retro, turn on the 20th Century European cafe.  It is the former Breslin space.

We have enjoyed the breakfast pastries (carrot cake and pain au chocolat).  They make a nice omelet and kartoffel schmarren style breakfast potatoes.  One dish not to sit on is the homemade granola, an absolutely delicious bowl of granola, pecan, and caramelized bananas served with whole milk.  It might seem odd to order granola while on vacation, but this is serious stuff.

We have made reservations for breakfast, but they always seem to have seating if you are arriving around 10am-11am.  Service is also not necessarily swift, so plan for an hour for breakfast.  Think of it as a leisurely delicious start to your day in New York.    


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