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Joe Englert: honorary H Street mayor

Lydia R

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The most recent Washington Business Journal had an interesting profile of Joe Englert on its cover.

Driven by "a sense to make Washington some place more unique" and "the fight to remain different in a world becoming more and more cookie cutter," Englert is grooming a pack of bar owners, trying to attract independent restaurateurs to the H Street strip, lobbying the D.C. government for parking, dreaming up the next off-the-wall idea and ultimately seeking a return on his investment.


Some have compared the H Street entertainment district to Adams Morgan before its nightclub renaissance.

"He's a pioneer in a sense of what a lot of bars and restaurants were to Adams Morgan in the early '80s," says Constantine Stavropoulos, who owns popular Adams Morgan bars Tryst and The Diner. "They were the catalysts."

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