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Crepes A-Go-Go and Crepes On The Walk, Kentlands and Verizon Center

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Anyone else been here and disappointed? The concept appeals to me, but the execution is not so good. Cheap ingredients and sloppy execution in dishes that sound good otherwise. [warning: that last sentence based on a sample of three dishes only] I want to like this place.

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I live down the street from the Crepes a Go-Go in Gaithersburg and go there often. I like it for what it is - a nice diversion, something different, quick and inexpensive. I'd never thought to criticize that the ingredients might be 'cheap' - as the crepe is pretty inexpensive. I guess what I'm saying is that when I order a $7 meal AND it is cooked to order - I'm not expecting the greatest of anything, my hope is merely to enjoy.

And thus I've always been pleased. Not overwhelmed, but I've enjoyed each meal and returned. I tend to enjoy the sweet crepes over the savory, and that may have something to do with the ingredients....but more likely its because I walk in, spy the Nuetella jars and begin to salivate :) . I just tend to enjoy the moister crepes more, and the sweet ones usually come with some whipped cream - while the savory crepes tend to be a bit drier.

I've noted that the criticism above is from years ago and maybe they've changed since then; I've only been a patron the last two years or so. I just know the fruits and cream seem fresh and of acceptable quality to me.

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