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Dining Near The Kennedy Center


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I thought there was a thread but I couldn't find it. So...

We have tickets for the NSO tomorrow night and it starts at 7. Mr. BLB's work schedule will make it next to impossible to eat beforehand.

Should we plan to eat after the concert?

Circle Bistro's bar?


I'm not a big fan of Notti Bianche.

How bad is the food at the Kennedy Center itself?

What to do???



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Here is an account of my last experience at the Roof Terrace restaurant. It's a year old but I am confident that things have not improved. The cafeteria has nothing to recommend it whatsoever. Go to Circle Bistro.

As for the before/after decision, it depends on what you're seeing. The NSO shouldn't go longer than a couple of hours, so unless you're hypoglycemic I recommend dinner after. A big meal before the symphony always makes me drowsy. :)

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Maybe Mrs. B and I will see you tonight. We've been Friday night subscribers for several years now and, since a good meal and a couple of galsses of tend to put us to sleep during the adagio, we always eat afterwards.

The bad news is that there's almost nothing near the Kennedy Center, and very little at all city-wide still serving at that time.

The good news (if you're driving) is that on Friday nights, a lot of parking has opened up by the time you get get out of the concert.

I like NB.

Circle Bistro is, of course, great. But the floor staff can be a little rush-y and I've called before upon leaving the show and been told that they weren't taking any more tables. Move with alacrity, if that is your destination.

A little further up New Hampshire and there's Firefly. I ran into Wabeck on Monday and he swore up and down that they serve until 11 (IIRC, there was wine involved) and I swore I'd see him tonight for proof.

Bistro du Coin is a hardy perennial, if you have wheels. We've never had to park more than a block away as the sidewalks are being rolled up by 10:30 in Dupont on Friday.

Parking at Old Ebbit is a little trickier, perhaps because of bleedover from the more nocturnal Penn Quarter, but a fine place for a martini and a burger and a glass of Cabernet.

Bistro d'Oc says they're open late; don't believe them.

Finally, if it is a lovely night, which this apparently will not be, the stroll to Georgetown along the river is remarkably short (especially if you park in the Thompson's Boat House lot...shhhhh!) and very pleasant. This puts you at Bistro Francais' doorstep and, perhaps, Agraria's.

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Bistro Francais is a very good choice for after, and I used to able to find parking in Georgetown on Friday nights - not sure what the situation is now. There's always the bar at Circle Bistro if they aren't taking tables.

Tonight's program is lovely, so enjoy the show. I miss getting free tickets. :)

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Can you get three courses for under $48? That is the price of the pre-theater meal at Marcel's.
Hm, probably not. I was forgetting that Marcel's has that pre-theatre deal. If you ordered judiciously at Kinkead's, you might manage three courses for that; I haven't been for dinner in a long time, so I'm not that clear on the prices in comparison with the lunch menu, and of course Kinkead's outlandishly annoying website doesn't have prices. You could certainly get 3 courses for that at lunch, for what that's worth. I don't usually want three courses anyway.
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